Friday, January 9, 2009

Celerie Kemble: To Your Taste

Celerie Kemble has developed quite a fervent (and well deserved) following!

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Celerie for almost two decades and I can safely say that she is the real deal, the quintessential tastemaker, someone who thinks so outside the box that the trends she sets the rest of the design world attempts to catch up to…

If you have not had the privilege of meeting Celerie or seeing her work then I strongly recommend picking up her book in which she shares her unique background, inspiration and design philosophy allowing entrée into a world usually reserved for those in the industry. The stunning photography alone is a page-turner but this veritable tomb of interior design breaks down how to

· Translate a childhood room into a room for today

· Integrate family heirlooms into an existing room/aesthetic

· Frame and place photographs in a coherent manner

· Make a house or apartment a home using off-the-track sources, catalogs and websites
Buy her book here!


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