Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I. Grace Company

Since 1988, I. Grace has been helping their clients build their magnificent homes from start to finish. The company is separated into divisions to cover services for each and every step: Construction Management, General Contracting, Maintenance, Design-Build, Interiors, and Historic Restoration – anything you need!

The Commissioned Private Residences (CPR) division is devoted to high-end residential construction. From the beginning, you will know the potential cost and duration of your project…now that is hard to find! Clients work hands-on with the architects and construction managers.

The Residential division can tackle any project, any size. They can help you maintain your loft in New York City or a beach house of any size.

I. Grace company is also your doctor who is on call 24/7, except for your home! They offer 24 hour a day emergency response, 365 days a year. Their customers have come to rely on them.

Working with I. Grace means perfection. As the company has grown over the years, the quality and service has only gotten better. They have raised the standards of residential construction to ensure to maintain the value of your home.

Check out their website at


Sunday, January 24, 2010

BRANDSTYLE Communications--It's all about who you know...

And if you know Di Petroff and Zoe Weisberg, co-founders of Brandstyle Communications, you're in for some expert networking! Brandstyle Communications is THE go-to public relations and marketing company. Their PR campaigns and brand development strategy includes an exclusive network of top-tier press, celebrity and corporate contacts. They have worked with popular brands such as Hunter, Jimmy Choo, Evian, Mercedes, W New York, and of course, Clos-ette. And those are just a few!

These two know all the people you need to know in high places - senior-level press contacts, celebrities, designers, artists, socials, etc. Work with Brandstyle and you will have your story featured in the top media outlets and have VIPs showing up to your events!

Their wide range of media contacts can be relevant to any brand. Their contacts include media outlets such as Vogue, New York Times, Elle, GQ, Vanity Fair, WWD and so many more. They partner with luxury lifestyle companies that you can be connected to - Miramax, IMG, Gilt Groupe!

Check out Clos-ette's press since we teamed up with Brandstyle - including our book launch held at Tod's on Madison Avenue!

When you team up with Brandstyle you get web design, stylists, photographers, event design - the ENTIRE package. Joining forces with a duo like Di Petroff and Zoe Weisberg will become the BEST investment you've ever made - and you will have THE most qualified team promoting your brand until it is the best of the best!

Go to their website for more info ASAP and get ready for some MAJOR publicity!

Happy Holidays!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lifebooker - Awesome Deals!

For the first blog of 2010, Clos-ette wants to share our secret to awesome, exclusive health and beauty deals with you.

We all know our haircuts, manicures, and other spa services can add up quickly - so check out for health and beauty deals. It's free to sign up...and you get rewards each time you book your appointment online! There are deals up to 60% off your favorite salons in NYC, and it's also available in other major cities!

Lifebooker can literally cover all your needs. Private yoga sessions, trainer sessions, Japanese hair straightening - everything! There's no reason you shouldn't book with them - and each time you do you get cash towards your next appointment - a dream come true!

So once you sign up, you just filter by price, neighborhood, time range, and book your next treatment!

Enjoy! Happy and healthy new year!