Friday, May 29, 2009

The Dry Cleaner

My new favorite Garment care website, talks to you about the reality of getting whites white and tough stains out...
love it!

The Dry cleaner...found him on Twitter!

This is my kind of website. Jerry Pozniak, the author of the blog owns the below high end dry cleaners and tells it like it is!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love Bethenny Frankel's book....

but I love Bethenny bakes gluten free cookies even more!!
Since I have celiacs and even though this is supposed to be a design blog, I decided to run a bit off the beaten path for a subject dear to my heart.

Check out Bethenny Frankel's book Naturally it on her website,

I think it is a great way to think about your daily diet as a bank account, and she has some fantastic recipes in there.

Also, please check out everything you need to know about a gluten-free diet. Your pass to a cancer free diet---

Did you know more than 40% of all human beings have an allergy to gluten? I was diagnosed right before I started fertility treatments and got pregnant but I had done it long enough before to see the absolute life changing effects. I can wait to get in shape post pregnancy and eat healthier and cleaner.

Sometimes a little wisdom outside the closet necessary...


My Favorite Summer Shoe: Tom's Shoes

They're back in a big way-- Tom's shoes and i just love them. The Madras shoe is beautiful in light blue or reds..great for men and women. They pack well and they're oh so comfortable.
Not to mention, every pair you purchase Tom's will give a pair to a child in need.....don't you just love a shoe with a cause!
Get your Tom's shoes today to be way ahead of the chic curve and on the road to good karma this summer.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Choosing the right safe...

How to choose the right safe or safety locks for drawers, closets or cabinets?

Our jewelry, precious papers and items need to be secure and although the closet is the right place for them often times people go outside the closet for more security- like their

Safes are something we install into our clients homes all the time. We do several Custom safes, besides the typical Empire safe or the pricey Traum safes which are the daily bread of the high-end residential closet world.

What does a good safe provide?

Bolted steel casing locked against theft, fires and floods.

Decorative and custom interiors can also provide beauty and organization.

Hides well behind beautiful cabinetry or wall space so it is hidden from plain sight.

What does a safe cost?

A behind cabinet safe should cost anywhere from 6k- 40k

Custom and Traum safes start at 25k and can go sky high into even the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What is a good and less expensive alternative? I have a few.

Fabulous digital wall safes and simple safes sold at hardware stores which aren’t necessarily bolted down, can cost anywhere from between $500- 2000k and these safes can accommodate small amounts of jewelry and papers for safe keeping. Often these safes only lock and they do not protect against fire or flooding.

Bio Locks

Another option which I prefer to use the bio lock as an alternative to the less expensive less secure safe or the super high-end custom safe. I install them on my client’s cabinets or drawers. These locks can be hooked up to a light switch or even your in home security panel and are not visible from the outside of the drawer or cabinet. They are of course less conspicuous than a simple locked drawer but also stronger.

If broken into and hooked up to your alarm system, (most good bio locks hook up to most home security systems) it will set off the alarm. Bio Locks are great alternative to either of the above options and they can fit very easily into most storage and closet designs built out of cabinetry or existing cabinetry.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

How to Pack up your Winter Wardrobe

LSD- this is for you!

Ok so hopefully it is officially time to put the heavy wools and cashmeres away, send the furs to storage and make room for the sarongs, shorts bathing suits, wide brimmed hats and sundresses!

How and where do we put these things. to start where do you live? A city- off site storage? an apartment? A home? with a basement or an attic?

finding the appropriate storage is key. temperature control is also key, otherwise mold, moths and water damage and oxygenation can foil your fabulous plans to "make room" in your closet!

Find your storage and then go from there. If you're keeping your items at home and have secured climate controlled storage either under your bed or in your attic or basement then let's talk about packing stuff up!

Make sure everything is clean before you fold it, or hang it up. I prefer natural fiber boxes and garment bags to plastic of paper ones. Plastic, although it protects from wetness, seals out some much needed air for many fabrics such as cashmere and silk leaving them to do that nasty "yellowing" we all know and HATE!

If you're gonna use plastic for anything, use it for your big cotton and wool sweaters, coats and pants and make sure you suck all the air out of them so they're as flat as possible.

Boots, shoes and handbags are an even bigger pain the butt, because they're bulky, come in odd sizes and cant be smushed! Try to store boots with boot trees in them and standing tall and I prefer to have my shoes on a shoe rack rather than in boxes however, if there is the possibility of dust of wetness best to box them. Make sure to label them either with a photo or a written description of the shoe in order to easily identify them if you need to get to them (i.e. a trip to Patagonia or skiing in chile in the summer!) I also stuff my purses and put them on a shelf and/or put shoe trees into them.

Some off site in NYC- Manhattan Mini Storage(more economical and more do-it-yourself)
Garde Robe NYC (with locations growing!) much more expensive and white glove service!