Tuesday, June 23, 2009

German design or Bust - Julia Aulenbacher

We’re always encouraging you to “Shop Your Closet” and make vintage pieces brand new. Interior designer, Julia Aulenbacher, did just that when she started her own product line last year. Her inspiration? Her mother’s Marimekko dresses and different patterns she collected from the 60’s. You can see one of the many vintage inspired patterns on Julia’s new Yellow Leaf Marimekko Dress.

Clos-ette loves a contemporary modern mix with an eclectic edge. With hot summer trends like boyfriend jeans and blazers, Julia’s Bavarian shirts are an awesome way to follow the menswear-inspired craze, while staying cool in the summer. The Bavarian shirt, traditionally worn only by men during Oktober Fest in Julia’s native Germany, can be paired with jeans and flip flops for a cute, loose summer look!

Not only does her line include fabulous clothes, but the furniture is awesome, too! Julia is all about mixing pieces from different periods, cultures and styles. She uses natural materials to create contemporary products and interiors with an eclectic edge. The Bavarian Children’s Chair is an awesome example of Julia’s updated traditional style with modern clean lines. If you need a kid-proof, transportable, yet stylish chair, this is it!

Right now you can order her products through email or over the phone, but they will be available through her website (www.juliaaulenbacher.com) ASAP!!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweet Furniture Showroom in NY- Suite New York

With clients like HBO, MOMA, Thompson Hotel Group, Starwood Hotel Group and the list goes on and on..and to many celebs and high profilers to even list, not that we do that anyway ;)

Suite NY is arguably the best and only truly fabulous selection of Contemporary Furniture in New York and with major Residential and Commercial clients across the country their claim to fame is their highly edited showroom, superior customer service and ability to execute and complete big orders quickly!! All this made Suite New York a favorite amongst high-end residential and commercial designers nationwide and even worldwide.

I dig them so much! Their expert team of sales associates specialize in working with architects and designers like myself and they are also so knowledgeable of LEED and greenguard regulations to keep pace with the growing number of green requests and all green projects out there. LA, San Fran, Palo Alto and Seattle readers listen up as we know you eat this up!!!

If you long on to their website you can even Quickship what you want but if you go into the showroom ask for Kris or Alexandra! They are both super fab and I mean you have never worked with nicer or more knowledgeable people.