Friday, September 25, 2009

Dennis Wedlick's Dreamhouses

Okay, there are some fabulous homes out there with fabulous teams of architects and designers but Dennis Wedlick and his team are GENIUSES!

His homes are absolutely gorgeous and are known for their functionality in addition to their fabulous contemporary design.

Basically, you make a wish list of what would be in your dreamhouse, and Dennis Wedlick and his team make it happen. They'll tell you to forget all the limitations you may have in your current home, such as lack of space, and they literally make your problems disappear! There is no compromise needed here, they'll create the ideal building for you.

Think of yourself as their inspiration, with a perfect place to live in and work in as the goal. They're the best in contemporary picturesque design, no question. Wedlick's projects have been described as witty, romantic, charming and....AFFORDABLE!

But, if your budget doesn't include a new home anytime soon, Dennis Wedlick has published a number of books to help you design! His most recent one is "Good House Hunting: 20 Steps to You Dream Home". Good House Hunting helps make the dream of owning the perfect home a reality, step by step.

For more info go check out Dennis Wedlick's website.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Clos-ette LOVES Iomoi Stationary...

You are going to fall in love with Iomoi Stationary…and when you share it with your friends they will, too!

Iomoi stationary started with two people thousands of miles away trying to stay in touch. So together, they created the first collection of online social stationary…and eventually an entire line of products, able to be customized by you!

So first there’s the earth friendly e-stationary. It's a paid, members-only service. One fee = Year membership and unlimited access. (Think…no paying for postage, and no cramps from writing and addressing 100 invites)And of course, you can also order these designs for your paper stationary, too, without a membership!

They operate as a fashion boutique, updating their inventory to reflect the colors and inspiration for the current season, in addition to offering customization. They have new designs every month for all types of occasions - invitations, business cards, thank you cards, holiday cards - EVERYTHING!

There’s more. Hosting a party? Customized ice buckets, salt and pepper shakers, plates, matches, coasters, trays. Literally, I mean everything.
Sending your kids to college? Personalized address labels, notebooks, pencils, canvas pillows. For your office…customized paperweights, memo pads, letter holders.

And if you're thinking customization is major $$$--nope, totally affordable. Check it out at while you still have plenty of time to shop for gifts or customize your holiday party favors and decorations!