Monday, April 21, 2008

Book Signing in Chicago at Tory Burch store

I had a great time in Chicago at the book signing party at the new Tory Burch store. Ellie Berlin along with some others from the Tory Burch corporate staff in New York were there...Kelly Ryan O'Brien, Chicago "it" girl and local fashionista, co-hosted the event, and that alone drove dozens of glam Chicago girls to the party (and believe it or not lots of boys showed up too)...Samantha Leas Gaunt, Avery Keller, Kelly Ryan O'Brien and many others were among the chic crowd.
See attached pic of Melanie Charlton Fascitelli and Kelly Ryan O'Brien!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Insider's City Guides to the Design Build World - The Franklin Report

Where do you turn for the best contractor??? the most expensive decorator??? the "only choice in closets" (that's Clos-ette if you were wondering)??? the highest quality plumbers and electricians etc etc etc ??? In every city from LA to NY, Palm Beach to Greenwich? Well, if you have not heard of them already you are not only NOT in the know but your home repairs and remodels, new builds and redecorating jobs are more than likely's the Franklin Report of course! Elizabeth Franklin put together this guide which basically does all the due diligence for it or visit it online today.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Designer Resale in NYC

Clos-ette's favorite NYC consignment house is Designer Resale at 324 East 81st Street In Manhattan. 212-734-3639. Ask for Myrna or Christina and tell them Clos-ette referred you.
They price well, and inventory by season. They have a great consignment program and they pay on time.
and for people looking for great priced designer outfits and accessories: we refer all our clients in the tri-state area here so it is very well-stocked at all times!
Stay tuned more consignment store Clos-ette recommendations across the US..