Monday, February 25, 2008

Thinking outside the bin. Think Atlas Homewares or Nanz.

Lately it seems like just about every kitchen I see showcased in a shelter magazine features the same kind of hardware: the bin pull. There’s no doubt it’s a great style: it’s clean-lined, unfussy, with the retro/industrial vibe that’s been so popular in kitchen design for the last several years. But it’s also everywhere. Why not try something a little unexpected?

The 8750 pull from Nanz is a knockout: its sleek, round-cornered silhouette recalls the heyday of American Deco and the Machine Age, but it’s not obviously vintage-inspired, and can blend easily with any number of design styles.

For a rich take on a simple bar pull style, I love the leather-wrapped Zanzibar pull from Atlas Homewares. It’s slick, but the leather dresses it up and adds an element of textural richness that’s quite surprising and pleasant, and allows it to blend well with more traditional or handmade elements.

Or, if you’re really into the vintage thing, why not try something like the Duluth pull from Restoration Hardware? It looks like it belongs on the weathered oak desk drawers of a turn-of-the-century law clerk.

But whatever your taste, don’t be afraid to look for something beyond the usual! It will help your space feel more custom, more unique, and more you.

Luxury Closets

Luxury closets have come a long way in the past ten years. Clos-ette has dubbed the closet, "the last frontier of the home." Like their counterparts, bathrooms and kitchens, more and more people want closets designed with personality, innovation and maximal use of the space.

At Clos-ette, we focus on the architecture of the space and the details of the cabinetry or millwork design, and pay special attention to our clients' inventory in order to marry the two halves of any closet: the structure and the clothes. We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of all the finest gadgets and gizmos one could possibly imagine to functionally and aesthetically enhance a closet. There's no doubt, a beautiful, organized, custom-designed closet is a luxury indeed!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Douglas Friedman Photography

Douglas is not only a friend of Clos-ette, our top interiors photographer but he also shot the photos for the much anticipated book, "Shop Your Closet" The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet with Style. Buy the book and you'll get to enjoy more of Doug's work.
See some of Doug's work on his website
or book Doug by contacting Ray Brown

Clos-ette loves Doug! Take a look and you will sure to check our site for all of Doug's latest work and shows.

Clos-ette called "the only choice in closets" in The Franklin Report

The Franklin Report, the premiere guide to home services, has long awarded high marks to Clos-ette, calling the firm's results "extraordinary" and reporting that its clients consider it "the only choice in closets." Currently, the editorial staff is hard at work on a new guide for the Palm Beach/Miami area, forthcoming early Fall 2008. It's sure to be, as Kate and Andy Spade put-it, a "must-have accessory" for Southeast Florida dwellers.
We anxiously await the next book!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kemble Interiors Inc.

Celerie Kemble is not only a fabulous interior designer and New York City socialite, but also a mother of 1 and almost 2, wife and dog owner. She creates whimsical and fun rooms throughout New York City and surrounding areas but she is also the daughter of
Mimi Mcmakin who began Kemble Interiors with her partner Brooke Huttig..they are Palm Beach based serving south Florida and the islands.

Check out all the things these ladies are doing on their website We love their furniture and fabrics!!!

Erika Brunson: Interiors for Palaces

Erika Brunson is a fabulous interior designer based In Los Angeles with a large international clientele. Her knowledge of distinguished design and custom furniture led her to create exquisite showroom pieces which she features on her website
Her one-of-kind pieces were born from the realization that this expensive and rare furniture would become extinct if not anyone who creates unique furniture. Especially, designers who work on palatial homes all over the world. Erika Brunson has a keen eye and elegant taste which sets her apart from current trends.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bridal Couture by Lara Helene

Lara Hélène is a luxury bridal gown company offering couture and custom wedding dresses. The company's flagship store is located on the ground level at 13 East 69th between Madison and Fifth Avenues in Manhattan.
Lara Hélène produces its gowns in New York ensuring high quality for the bride. Each gown boasts the finest Italian, French and English fabrics as well as hand-stitching and attention to the smallest detail. The Lara Hélène collection offers the bride a wider range of options than many other designers, as Lara Hélène is focused on delivering the best style and shape for each bride's particular body. Lara Hélène also has a made-to-order evening collection.
The common theme is incredible luxury and attention to detail.
In the flagship store, Lara Hélène offers unparalleled customer service and the designers forge personal relationships through private appointments with their clients. During a customer's appointment the house is closed off to others and the bride and her loved ones are given star treatment in the garden and dressing area of Lara Hélène.

Garde Robe

Imagine having endless closet space... Named "Best Secret Service" by New York magazine, Garde Robe is New York's premier wardrobe storage and valet service. Ideal for New York residents with extensive and expensive clothing and footwear collections, Garde Robe provides a host of elegant and convenient services including climate-controlled luxury storage, professional photography and online wardrobe catalogs, complimentary same-day pick up and delivery, luggage-packing and shipping services, and more. When your closet square footage is just not going to cut it, this is who Clos-ette recommends to their clients! (212) 255-3047

Monday, February 18, 2008

Not quite nickel, and not quite gunmetal...Try Baldwin's antique nickel!

When you're looking to spice it up a bit in the hardware finish department, but find that a black iron or oil-rubbed finish is too severe, try something like Baldwin's antique nickel. It's rich, unexpected, and can blend beautifully with either contemporary or more traditional designs. Actually, not unlike the pictured knob itself: it's Baldwin's classic knob on 3" squared rose. Sharp and geometric, yet classic.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Check out Clos-ette on the Fine Living Channel

Melanie Charlton Fascitelli appears on the show "What's Your Time Worth?"on the Fine Living Channel. Clos-ette helps n upper eastside mom and wife of top surgeon figure out how to organize their wardrobes and their closet spaces so she can spend less time figuring out what she needs to wear in the morning and more time with her kids.

Wardrobe NYC

New York City's most luxurious wardrobe rental salon offering the latest couture, ready-to wear, and vintage.
It's the most the alternative to buying new every season. Now anyone can obtain high fashion items by renting them!
Great idea!

Check it out:

Unique Editorial Voice and Point-of-View
From Prada to P. Diddy to Chrysler to Conde Nast, Founder Celia Chen has produced events for the most influential luxury, consumer and celebrity clients in the world. With over a decade of experience, Celia has amassed a coveted database of talented and hard-to-find local vendors in New York as well as Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco.
Notes on a Party is a new digital media property that celebrates the art of entertaining by covering Events from the Inside Out™. Written for the stylish and sophisticated audience, the site features daily posts or “notes” on the most talented vendors in New York, cool resources from the Web, original gift ideas and tips on party planning.

Visit today!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sandra Nunnerley, Inc.

Sandra Nunnerley, Inc. is a full-service interior design firm based in New York City specializing in high-end residential projects. She also has designed homes for internationally-based clients in London, Geneva and Australasia.
The firm’s strong visual sense combined with a holistic approach culminates in a seamless integration of architecture and design – a product of Sandra Nunnerley’s diverse and rich experiences in the worlds of art, architecture and interior design.
Her work has been regularly featured on Architectural Digest’s prestigious AD100 list.

We over at Clos-ette love working with her and with all her clients in their homes!

Friday, February 8, 2008

"The Driver" by Alexander Roy

Clos-ette client Alexander Roy wrote a fantastic book about the dangeroud pursuit of speed!
check it out!

Clos-ette Couture in Palm Beach and South Florida

Clos-ette offer edit, design and build out services for luxury closets in the South Florida area, primarily focused on the Palm Beaches, Miami and Naples. Please email or call 561-951-4458!