Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bib necklaces are here to stay...Check out Roarke!

If you are anything like me, you are always adding to your jewelry collection...

Roarke's first collection "Le Marais", debuted in 2009, is full of awesome beaded jewelry, including Le Charlot, the iconic beaded bib necklace. (Already seen on Ivanka Trump and Mary Louise Parker!) This necklace will set your look apart from the rest!

Clos-ette told you in May that bib necklaces could be a great summer accessory to accentuate your outfit and thanks to designer Mignonne Gavigan and former Bergdorf Goodman buyer Laetitia Stanfield, you now have THE MOST GORGEOUS bib necklaces and more to choose from all year round!

Roarke was created with the modern stylish woman in mind who wants to make a statement while still being true to her own style. Laetitia and Mignonne created designs that can be worn from day to night, day in and day out. For Le Charlot, they took vintage couture detailing and paired it with modern styles and fabrics to mix the old with the new while every style after just followed suit.

How did they come up with this fabulously designed necklace between the two of them? They think completely differently. Laetitia thinks on a business level, while Mignonne thinks like a true designer, always seeing inspiration in something and then molding it into her own. Together, they make sure that everything they do is a collaboration and a true Roarke idea.

In addition to Le Charlot, the geniuses behind Roarke include chunky wedge ankle boots and blazers with sexy, defined shoulders as their other must-have items of the season.

You can view Roarke's entire collection at, including all kinds of ways you can wear their bib necklace! And make sure you check out the bracelets, hair accessories, and adorable tie pieces, too!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Okay, think sophisticated with contemporary art and furniture mixed with 18th-20th century antiques. Amazing, we know.

Clos-ette loves Haynes-Roberts. Their residential designs can be seen all over the U.S. and abroad. If you ask Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts to design your home, your result will be a modern distillation of classic design that is spare, elegant, and inviting.

These guys are basically brilliant. With their extensive knowledge of antique furniture and history of architecture, their clients are never disappointed. They will design a space with the perfect amount of color to make your room pop and the most amazing pieces to make your guests envy your gorgeous home!

Check out more pictures at!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Printery

How cute are these?!

The Printery is a well-known favorite of stationery fiends. Clos-ette just got our own invites and notecards from the Printery and they are ADORABLE! The Printery has been located in Oyster Bay, NY for over a century, and the current owner, William Miller, has been running the company with his wife, Mary Abbene, since his grandmother left it to him in 1990.
For some, a Hallmark card may suffice, but stationary lovers know where to find the real deal. The Printery provides hand-engraved and letter-press printed stationary, wedding invitations, social invitations, holiday cards, birth announcements etc. in every shade of hand-cut dies. They make designs for everyone- from butterflies and starfish to skulls and cross bones.

They have upcoming trunk shows in October in Chicago, Maryland, Connecticut, and New York City! Or you can make an appointment in Manhattan - just go to