Monday, November 23, 2009

Shop for you, donate to charity -- Santo by Zani Gugelmann

Meet Zani Gugelmann – Filigrana jeweler with a new line of bullet necklaces called Santo. After working on her high-end jewelry line Filigrana by Zani, inspired by her Peruvian heritage, Zani decided to concentrate on yet another personal line, but one that lets her clients have a say in the ultimate design.

They’re a totally tough and chic shell on the outside, protecting your own personal message on the inside. Each bullet-shaped pendant unscrews to store a small wish or message recorded on a scroll.

Zani knew that people want good luck charms, an edgy design, and personalization. From that, she created a silver bullet decorated with gems on the outside, and a scroll on the inside. Clients can choose to write anything they want on the scroll and wear it around their neck, whether it be a career goal, a relationship goal, a life goal, anything you choose.

Silver Bullet in the dictionary reads: a simple and seemingly magical solution to a complicated problem. The necklace is all about expression.

Inside Zani’s bullet is the word “love”. It reminds her to surround herself with people she loves and people who love her. Melanie wears the silver bullet with sapphires with her son’s name and birth date in it.

You can choose from 18-karat white gold, bullet-shaped pendant necklaces embedded with precious stones such as rubies, black diamonds, green emeralds, and yellow sapphires. You are the designer. You may choose the material, finish, and precious stones to fit your own personal style.

Additionally, 10% of proceeds go to specific charities according to which type of gemstone you choose. For example, an Emerald bullet donates to Greenpeace, a Ruby bullet donates to an AIDS charity, and a Blue Sapphire to Red Cross, etc.

Check out to see the entire line and to order email or call 212.696.7382.


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Debra said...

OMG these are awesome! What great holiday gifts!!! I hope I get one!