Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Queens of Garment Care - The Laundress

Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Wieber started The Laundress product line because of their frustration with toxic cleaning chemicals and detergents used to both dry clean and wash their clothes they combined the most potent friendliest cleaning concoctions with the most beautiful scents into their luxurious garment and home furnishing care line was born.
Made with organic materials, renewable resources, plant based dye and free from chlorine, bleach and artificial fragrances not to mention animal and cruelty free, you can certainly feel good inside and out!!! And too boot their products still have a higher efficacy rate than grocery store products as a result of incorporating several enzymes which are more expense but far safer and much more efficient in banishing stains. The current collection is available in four fabulous The Laundress scents


We LOVE the wool and cashmere shampoo, the ironing water, static solution and travel paquettes!!! Oh and the wash and stain bar!
The best part is that the entire The Laundress collection will soon be debuting on Clos-ette's online shop!


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