Monday, December 14, 2009

Strongboalt..Handsome Trunks

Just in time for a holiday vacation, Clos-ette is introducing you to Strongboalt. Lets be honest, men's swimming trunks that fit well AND have awesome designs are not easy to come by. Nobody knows this better than Amanda Boalt, a Palm Beach native who has just released her first collection, Faded Brights. Amanda has a natural flair for swimwear and resort wear and realized that the selection of men’s swimwear was limited.

After working as a buyer for Ralph Lauren, Amanda set out to create her own line of men’s swimwear. She aims to create a complimenting fit rather than the typical trunk that looks like he's recycling his dad's old bathing suit. The signature drawstring waistband, mesh lining, and side/back pockets provide a flattering fit. The quick dry poly is comfortable and functional, allowing for a morning swim right before heading to lunch! The unique prints and colors are designed by Amanda. The inspiration behind the prints include the sea, what lives there, and what happens around it.

The trunks can be worn for fishing, swimming, surfing, etc. everywhere from Palm Beach to LA to New York City - wherever your vacation takes you! The classic, but contemporary look allows your guy to throw on a shirt and shoes and head to lunch or on a walk, too.

The first mini collection for resort season, Faded Brights, includes 3 prints that are available on and will ship around 12/20 - just in time for your holiday get away! The Spring/Summer line will follow and consist of 8-10 new colors available in April. And if you’re a female, keep your fingers crossed for a woman’s swimwear collection in the future! Follow @strongboalt on Twitter for updates, become a fan on Facebook or visit


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Diane said...

These trunks remind me of Sauvage men's shorts--very stylish and not afraid of being too fashionable. Great blog :)